Products & Discounts

Shakeology: (30 day bag) - $140

Digestive Health Boost - $44.95

Greens Boost - $39.99

Energy Boost - $49.95

Beachbody Performance Pack (all five products listed below) - $214.95
• Energize Pre-workout - $49.95
• Hydrate Electrolyte replenishment drink (during workout) - $34.95
• Recover Post-workout - $69.95
• Recharge Nighttime Recovery - $69.95
• Creatine - $19.95

Rollga pack (Rollga, massage therapy balls, activator) (Save $15) $75
Includes registration to the self-myofascial release class ($10 value)

Rollga, includes carry strap - $40

Massage therapy balls in carrying case - $20

Activator - $20

Magnesium and Peppermint Epsom Bath Salts -$40

Healthy Fit t-shirts or tanks - $20

Fitcrew mugs - $15

Ultimate Wellness Gift basket ($190) includes:

• Travel mug
• Fitcrew t-shirt
• Rollga self-myofascial release toolkit (Foam roller with carry strap, activator, set of two massage balls in carrying case
• 1-hour private training or nutrition session gift certificate for Healthy Fit (to use on classes, personal training, clothing and merchandise)

Gifts can also customized for any price point, starting at just $10. Create a special gift, to include essential oils, performance supplements, or wellness items for anyone on your list!


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List of Affiliates and Discounts


  1. Favorite Things/ Discounts (Product links)

Shakeology - the daily dose of nutrition shake with 70 superfoods in it!

Beachbody on Demand - Get thousands of workouts anytime on your device

Get total fitness and nutrition package, with Beachbody on Demand AND Shakeology:

    1. Vizion Couture – competition custom suits
      DrKella2016   15% off when they use code at checkout
    2. Gallon Gear – 15% off when you use kellap
    3. Liftcorp Apparel – @team_liftcorp  Discount with : Kellalifts
    4. Pretty Girl Collections Jewelry boutique – @pretty_girl_collections – Get 20% off with code: prettyfitmom
    5. Runlites – Discount with code: KellP18
    6. Jordan Essentials – Magnesium lotion and bath salts. Stocked at HealthyFit. Email  to order
    7. Monat - the best for your hair health! Sign up to get your haircare delivered to your door and save $20 on your first order
    8. Elevated Legs – 10% off with discount code: KellaEL
    9. Mary Kay favorites – Great skincare for the gym girl, including facial cloths that include the cleanser, charcoal masks, and oil-absorbing tissues.  Email to order
    10. Caterply laces. Stocked at HealthyFit, Can also be shipped to you.
    11. Young Living Essential Oils. These oils are used at Healthy Fit, as well as our Thieves Cleaner, and are available for home use. Email to order
    12. Revo2lution Running certification courses Contact Kella to schedule a course in your city or to attend virtually. Discount 10% with code KELLAPRICE
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